And We’re Back!

Dear readers, all four of you, I apologize for my absence. My mom called me out on the lack of my digital presence; that’s how you know I dropped the ball.

It’s been a busy few minutes since my last post in April. A few updates:

  • I was admitted to graduate school! This is the first time in my academic career that I’m choosing to attend school instead of having to go for a high school diploma or a Bachelor’s degree. Learning is rad, but it’s even better when it’s on my own terms and not bogged down with gen eds.
  • I leveled up adult-wise and began (and use) a gym membership at Blink Fitness. As someone who is shy and enjoys having a gym buddy to push him, I was hesitant to pay for a gym membership that I might not use. I lucked out with Blink: the gym I attend is friendly, and non-judgmental. I’ve only gone a few times, but I don’t feel uncomfortable as I expected. On that note, I structured my running with 10K, an awesome app on iOS and Android, and I’ve already seen progress in my ability after just two runs.
  • It’s 2016 and blink-182 put out a good record. I’m excited to go a more in depth with a post soon!
  • I started writing my first legitimate story since college, and there seems to be some promise in its premise. Hopefully it continues on the positive trajectory.
  • I attended a bachelor party in June. My best friend is getting married in October. What’s often described as real life when you’re a child is finally here; it’s high time I get my act together.

After the semester ended in May, I sought to write a post in reflection of my first (school) year working in higher education. As you can figure, I never got the chance to sit down and write it. Instead, I’ll save that (and begin drafting it now to make sure I post it) for my work-iversary in August.

This year, like last, is one of change and development, and as exciting as that is, I’m thankful for the breath this platform grants me to slow down, if just for a few moments. As always, thanks for reading.