Franklin Delano Pug, Part Twoof

Today Franklin turned one. In human years, he’s 15. This explains his violent attitude towards his stuffed penguin, Penguin, as well as his inability to listen. His (human) adolescence does not explain why he clings to me like a monkey to a branch. But that’s okay because we got each other’s belly–er, back.


A happy pug and his yummy treat.

A lot has changed in the past few weeks. I joined a band and started a new job in Manhattan; Franklin learned how to sit, stay, drop/leave it, and generally be an agreeable little pup. We’re both happier in Brooklyn than we were in Long Island: I missed the subway and stores being open past five o’clock (no sarcasm), and Franklin has befriended all kinds of animals and women. (For some reason, most men we’ve run into are not about greeting cute animals. Is this a defect of mine when I interact with other dogs? I digress.) I finally feel like I’m in a place we can call home.

All the worries feel distant and do not ring as true as they once felt. The routine we developed works and has improved my productivity and ability to get my life together (for real this time). In my first post about Franklin, I discussed how I never feel like I have it all together. I definitely still don’t, but my experience in figuring things out with a little partner in crime continues to be beyond enjoyable and fulfilling that I’m accepting of my current place in life for the time being. (Knowing my inability to accept things that should not be and/or [im]patience for what I’m deserved, I am doing my best to maintain that acceptance.)

But not everything is comic books and beef jerky treats. Franklin’s had a few bathroom accidents in the past month and I’m still in a super grey area when it comes to finances, but that’s okay. Seeing how far he’s come since adopting him proves that he’s capable of learning and being fully housebroken. In terms of money and me, like with everything else, I work best with adversity; therefore this will only be another opportunity for growth. Slowly but surely we’ll both end up where and how we’re supposed to be, but what matters is that we’re getting there happily and together.