“So this is the new year.”

For most of December the majority of my social media were full of memes or jokes depicting how awful 2016 was, some even looked to the new year as a savior from the lousiness of 2016. Yes, there were a plethora of beloved artists’ deaths, but this is nothing new. Yes, the United States elected an orange, angry emoji-man-thing as president, but let’s use his election as a watershed moment to become a more loving and accepting nation. And yes, atrocities occurred often enough to desensitize (regular mass shootings and blatant bigotry in bedrock institutions of our society, to name just two), but these are symptoms of xenophobic and, now, sadly intrinsic qualities in […]

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Yesterday I woke up scared. Daily worries, irrational anxieties, and everything in between were distant and mattered no more. Should I expect protests on the subway? What if I couldn’t get to work on time and bring home the money I need? Worse, what if none of that even mattered anymore?

Is this how a person in a minority group feels every day? Scared just to be and express themselves, or afraid to speak their opinions in fear of shame and exclusion?

Instead of chaos, everything was quiet, a “deafening white noise,” as a close friend put it so eloquently and poignantly. I didn’t know how to process “President Trump” becoming a reality literally overnight. I stayed quiet where my opinions […]

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Today Franklin turned one. In human years, he’s 15. This explains his violent attitude towards his stuffed penguin, Penguin, as well as his inability to listen. His (human) adolescence does not explain why he clings to me like a monkey to a branch. But that’s okay because we got each other’s belly–er, back.

A lot has changed in the past few weeks. I joined a band and started a new job in Manhattan; Franklin learned how to sit, stay, drop/leave it, and generally be an agreeable little pup. We’re both happier in Brooklyn than we were in Long Island: I missed the subway and stores being open past five o’clock (no sarcasm), and Franklin has befriended all kinds of animals […]

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I never truly feel like I have it all together. When I made a joke about my inability to adult well, a friend said that I’m good at making it appear like I have everything together. He inundated me with reassurements about my levelheadedness, professionalism, and grounded attitude. While I agreed to an extent, all I thought about was the time no one sees me. There’s no regular gym schedule; although I can cook like an amateur Jon Favreau in Chef, my diet is adequate at best; I’d rather cheat and use a dryer to get the wrinkles out of clothes than risk burning my clothes with an iron. You get it.

How did I end up adopting a (mostly untrained) […]

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And We’re Back!

Dear readers, all four of you, I apologize for my absence. My mom called me out on the lack of my digital presence; that’s how you know I dropped the ball.

It’s been a busy few minutes since my last post in April. A few updates:

I was admitted to graduate school! This is the first time in my academic career that I’m choosing to attend school instead of having to go for a high school diploma or a Bachelor’s degree. Learning is rad, but it’s even better when it’s on my own terms and not bogged down with gen eds. I leveled up adult-wise and began (and use) a gym membership at Blink Fitness. As someone who is shy and […]

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Note: As you will surmise from its introduction, this post is a few weeks late. Although I should have taken note from others who wrote about happiness before my attempt, this topic is not one to improvise. Nevertheless, I semi-did.

In celebration of the International Day of Happiness (March 20), this piece is dedicated to its pursuit and all those on the journey, Scott Mescudi included.

On a decidedly dreary day rapt with humidity and the constant threat of a thunderstorm, I was driving out east on Long Island. Now and then large droplets of rain smattered my windshield, and I was distracted. This isn’t the story of my driving habits, but stuck at a red light with Motion City Soundtrack (MCS) […]

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Pablo and Me

How did Kanye West do it? He made (maybe “coordinated” or “orchestrated” are better terms) a record in collaboration with a plethora of modern music’s biggest hitters in the public’s eye. Chaos ensued, both on the album and surrounding its release–but it wasn’t bad?

The week leading up to The Life of Pablo‘s release, my friend (who doubles as the auteur behind my blog’s design) and I discussed our shared confusion behind Kanye’s rollout of the album. There had been silence on the GOOD Fridays front, yet the album was done and the title of it ebbed and flowed among seemingly random words and phrases. Another friend of his said that the marketing was genius and caused people […]

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2015 in Review

I’d give it an 8/10.

This year was strange. It began on the wrong foot, which was entirely my fault and a growing pain that I needed to endure. My last semester of college was intense with personal, professional, and academic challenges appearing like stars in the sky on the clearest night. One of my best friends asked me to be a groomsman for his wedding in 2016; although awesome, this made me feel like it was high time I started getting my stuff together.

Graduation arrived in May, and I couldn’t care any less than I did. The summer flew by like a roller coaster that stopped short after its last drop. Then I began my job and started […]

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